Did you pay with iDEAL? Then we will reverse the payment to your account. If you paid by credit card and you return your entire order, we will refund the amount to your credit card. Do you want to have part of you order sent back? Then we will transfer the money to your account number. If your account is not known, we kindly ask you to provide this information.

Where can I find the status of my refund?

Unfortunately, you cannot find the reimbursement status anywhere, but we assure you that the payment will be processed 5 business days after completion of the return. A receipt will be sent via email.

I did not receive a refund.

It varies by bank how long it takes for the refund to show in your account. We always pay within 5 days after completion of the return. If the amount is still not in your account after 7 days, please contact customer service.

I have not received an invoice, where can I request this?

Please contact customer service if you did not receive an invoice. Make sure you have your order number at hand. We will send the appropriate invoice to you directly.

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