The payment has failed?

My post-payment, credit card or PayPal payment is declined

You have paid your order by credit card or PayPal and get the message that the payment was declined.

Both PayPal and credit card payments are unfortunately susceptible to fraudsters. Payments that are fulfilled through these forms of payment, are, therefore, on the basis of a large number of criteria checked objectively and automated. A payment can be rejected if, for example is not completed properly, the CVC code or expiration date of the credit card is not filled in correctly, but also if the order and payment is made from an unsecured WiFi location where more fraud is detected. You will need to choose another payment method.

My post-payment, credit card or PayPal payment is wrongly refused

Unfortunately, it can happen that we wrongly refuse your payment. Magellan & Mulloy has no insight into the specific reasons why your payment was rejected. We also cannot reverse a declined payment, we will not debit the amount reserved and is therefore cancelled. You still need to choose another payment method. Magellan & Mulloy does not make use of “black lists" of other companies and in turn will never share this rejected payment with other companies.

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